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Old Money.

Brian Drake, an artist based in Los Angeles, unveils a captivating new series of BBN paintings. The new work continues to delve into the intricate relationship between art and the concept of fiat ‘value'.

Broken Bank Note asks a range of thought-provoking questions: some straightforward, others more complex. All encouraging deep engagement. These artworks are rich in nuanced ideas and meanings. Moving away from a didactic approach, this new series offers a more interpretative experience. Brian Drake skillfully incorporates characters and symbols from actual currencies, but with a more creative latitude. This allows for broader interpretations and insights on the viewers part.


Despite a long growing dislike of social media, Broken Bank Note and Brian Drake keep current work on thier IG account @brokenbanknote Click here


My painting, Lady Bolivar, has re-appeared after offering a reward. Click here for more details.


Currently, Brian Drake/Broken Bank Note is showing new work in multiple states. Paintings are in Maryland, Washington D.C., Texas and Illinois.


My painting, Lady Bolivar has gone missing from a UPS warehouse in Los Angeles. It's in a 53"x34" wooden light blue case with hot pink BBN logo on the lid. It was being returned from a show in Minneapolis and went missing sometime between March 3rd and March 8th. A cash reward is available for its return. Click here for a look at the case and painting when it left LA.


Ho's Money or BBN Issue #9 has just left LA for the Texas National show in April. More on this painting in the future.


Broken Bank Note's first new painting unveil for 2024. It's got quite the back story and timeline for completion. Click here for a first look.


Broken Bank Note's first group exhibition of the 2024 season, is back in Minneapolis. Last time, Brian Drake presented Poslka Drop, based on the now obsolete, 1980's era Polish Zlotys. This time? The super devalued Venezuelan Bolivar and a new piece, titled Lady Bolivar. While waiting for paint to dry and photo shoot time, @brokenbanknote on Instagram for latest videos and pictures of works in progress and shows.


As of January 15th, 2024, the Broken Bank Note series one painting, Crippled Crown, is back from a 12 motnh lease. While it hung in a SoCal private capitol lending office, it is back again for consideration. First showcased at Shockboxx in Hermosa Beach and then again in San Francisco at DIME pop up, this painting has been up and down the west coast of California. Click here for more info and photos.


All BBN paintings from the first series have been acquired through purchase or lease. However, fall 2023 has been anything but quiet. Currently 4 new BBN paintings are nearing completion, with 2 getting ready to ship for shows in January, 2024. These new pieces will be posted to this site in the coming weeks as the year draws to a close.


For more information and details about process and the artist behind Broken Bank Note: Click Here>>