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This first drop in the Broken Banknote series, is an NFT collection, built around the central character from the BBN painting, We 3 & The Ho Chi Me. Obsolete Vietnamese currency, old themes and new tropes, collide in vibrant digital interpretations of the original painting. Unique in every iteration, this collection continues to challenge narratives, question paper money, and do so, while looking really cool. BBN offers a bold and vivd take on failed foreign policy, the value of money and world history. Explore both unique collections below.


The Random Dong, is an algorithm driven, 12K image NFT project, living full time, on the Polygon block chain. Crafted and minted in the Hashlips application, using NodeJS and Python, a unique algorithm was created to assemble randomly generated images, from 155 hand drawn layers, in 12 groups. Based on the elements in the BBN painting, "We 3 & The Ho Chi Me", this series questions fiat currency, global policy and corrects historical inaccuracies. It looks cool, too. Released in monthly blocks, this NFT project offers multiple collection points and unique rarity opportunities. Currently, there are 3k minted Ho's. Get on board already with the new way.