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The Work.

Globally, some of the most beautiful paper currency, represents some of the most economically depressed countries in the world. Broken Banknote art work, is both, real and fake, proving the power of the visual medium to influence "value".

On the surface, these are strong graphic and illustrative pieces, with a deep texture and glowing rich color palette. Looking deeper, these iconographic images and figures of the 20th century, collide graphically with metaphorical representations of outcomes we are still living with today.

Hand crafted in Los Angeles, these pieces can take upwards of a year to complete. Tools include, oil paints, blocks, custom made pigments, wax, lettering brushes, palette knives and markers. This is an ongoing series. More will be posted as they are completed.

For a better understanding of the craft and imagery, each painting, in the portfolio, includes several detail photos, and some have a video of the work in progress.